ASP.NET Core merges ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, and ASP.NET Web Pages into
Is ASP.NET and C# same
one application framework. C# provides capabilities to aid in the building of contemporary software. C# is a coding application used to construct web, mobile, and other applications. It has some similar features to Java and is based on C ++. It is designed to work with the .NET platform of Microsoft. There are several fundamental differences between C sharp and ASP.NET which make these two distinct from each other.
ASP.NET is an extension of .NET that helps you with writing web-based applications and websites. Much of the overall framework is available (or useful, in the case of e.g. WinForms) in this context. C# is a language, .NET is an application framework. The .NET libraries can run on the CLR and thus any language which can run on the CLR can also use the .NET libraries. ASP.NET is a framework (with libraries and a bunch of controls) related to web applications and web sites. C# is one of the languages to use within the ASP.NET framework.

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ASP.NET is a web application framework used to create dynamic web pages and web services. It provides tools and libraries for building web applications in various programming languages, like C#. C# is a programming language designed for general-purpose development, such as building desktop apps.
Is ASP.NET and C# same
It was developed with the aim of combining the C ++ with Visual Basic’s programming ease. I’m sorry for this stupid question but it is really confusing (maybe there’s another programming language named… What is ASP.NET ASP.Net uses a completely different programming pattern to Winforms development although they share the same foundation. You can program and .Net applications in a variety of languages.

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ASP.NET is a free and open-source platform for developing interactive multimedia for websites and digital services. The bulk of the programmes was written using the .NET languages. Every implementation enables NET programmes to operate on a wide range of systems, spanning from Linux to mobile devices. C sharp refers to a strongly typed object-oriented high-level programming language. It is considered an open-source programming language that is versatile, flexible, simple, and modern. ASP.NET refers to an open-source web framework that was developed by Microsoft.

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It’s aim is to run .NET applications cross-platform. As of today, it supports C# 4.0 and substantial part of .NET Framework features. In addition to mirroring Microsoft implementation, the Mono team is also making innovations of its own. First off, .Net is a bytecode framework, similar to Java bytecode. The two main languages targetting .Net are C# and VB.Net. ASP.Net is an extension to the provided .Net library to enable applications written in C# or VB.Net(or other .Net targetted languages) to work as a website.
Is ASP.NET and C# same
When you run execute .net code, what is commonly happening is the .net virtual machine is reading that IL and processing it. C# is a strong Object Oriented programming language that is mostly built on the .NET framework. ASP.NET and C# are both related to the .NET framework. These two are widely used and are significantly important tools for developers. These two are interrelated and are very easy to learn.

  • The difference between C sharp and ASP.NET is that C sharp refers to a general-purpose, simple and object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft.
  • C# was developed my Microsoft and has its roots in C++ (another programming language.
  • Implementation of C#’s primary interface is through the same structure or class defined by the functionality of indices, events, methods, and properties.
  • It provides tools and libraries for building web applications in various programming languages, like C#.

This framework supports different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. This was licensed under the Apache License 2.0 version. ASP.NET was first released in 2002, named the .NET framework, and was later called ASP.NET, which was called Active Server Pages (ASP). ASP.NET Core was a successor to the ASP.NET framework. Even third-party frameworks like Spring.NET  also exist in Spring Framework for Java. While .NET is also a Microsoft creation, it is a platform for the development of Windows-based applications.

C# and C#.NET are essentially synonymous, however VB.NET and VB are different and ASP and ASP.NET are also different. VB generally refers to VB6 and older, and ASP refers to classic ASP. I’m really unclear on the difference between C#, C#.NET and the same for ASP and other ‘.NET’ languages. Software Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professionals, academics, and students working within the systems development life cycle. The distinction between a language, a runtime, and a library is more strict in .NET/C# than for example in C++, where the language specification also includes some basic library functions.

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